23/03/2020 UPDATE

As of 20:45 today, Surrey Blinds is temporarily closing. As soon as we are able we will be back up and running and will rebook any consultations, service calls and Fits, however at the moment we must follow the Government guidelines to keep ourselves and our customers safe from Coronavirus.

We look forwards to seeing you all soon. 

22/3/2020 – UPDATE

Further to the Governments announcement on the 22/3/2020 regarding the 12 week isolation of Vulnerable People we have made the following changes to our service:

We will be unable to attend any consultations in homes where these people reside during this time.

We will be unable to attend any installations or service calls at homes where these people reside during this time.

We understand this may be disappointing, however we stress that this is being done for their safety.  Any service calls or the installation of blinds delayed by this will be our highest priority once the 12 week isolation period is over. 

We are pleased to be able to continue to offer our services. We are following all current Government guidelines and wish to reassure our customers that these are the procedures we have put in place:

Our Service

Our service is based around one of our consultants going out to our customers to measure for blinds and shutters.
As part of this we all carry samples to show and spend around 40 minutes going through the options.
Our fantastic fitters then go back to install the blinds once they have been made.

Sounds simple, and usually it is, however with this current outbreak of Covid-19 we have stepped up our normal cleanliness routines.

Avoiding contamination

To combat cross contamination we have all been issued with antibacterial spray and wipes. We religiously clean off the books, samples and tools we have used to complete our job, after EVERY job.
We also have individual bottles of Hand Sanitisers that clip to our belts/bags which we use after every home visit.
This is, of course, in addition to maintaining our own hand cleaning routines as recommended by the government.


We have 3 beautiful showrooms in Walton-on-Thames, Guildford and Camberley. Here customers can come to browse our full selection, or relook at the choices they have made.
We have also implemented a thorough cleaning routine across these sites. Our samples being disinfected after every customer to prevent cross contamination.

Our colleagues are working hard to protect our customers, and so, as the Government suggests, Wash your Hands and Carry On.

And remember, small businesses need your support especially at this time – Shop small, Shop Local and support your Local Economy.