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We are gradually heading towards sunnier weather. Always a long-awaited change from the grey winter and spring that we typically have in the UK.

However, it is important to remember that the sun can be damaging – not only to our skin, but also to our homes. Sun-fading on fabrics is real, but preventable.

What does Sun Damage Look Like?

Sun-damage, or sun-bleaching, happens when the warmth and light of the sun can fade pigmentation from items around our home. Most commonly noticable on sun-room or conservatory furniture, such as sofas. Over time, even seemingly unaffected homewares can get gradually faded or damaged by the sun.

Evidence of sun damage includes lightening of fabric, uneven colour, raised or bumpy patches on harder surfaces (such as wood), and air bubbles under paint work.

How Can The Effects of Sun Damage be Reduced?

Reduce Sun-damage and bleaching by investing in high-quality window-coverings for your home. Surrey Blinds and Shutters are experts in high-quality and low-pressure customer service, and can advise as to the best solution to protect your home furnishings from the sun.


High-quality blackout curtains will block up to 90% of the light – available in a range of fabrics and either blackout or non-blackout. Curtains also have a noise-dampening effect.

Unlike curtains, blinds and shutters can allow different levels of light through, which can be particularly useful if your window faces the East or West and you are conscious of the sun bleaching your homeware.


Shutters offer a practical and stream-lined solution, that offers a seamless title-action to filter light. Additionally, some shutters (such as the Jerbourg) are available with light-stoppers which adds an extra light-barrier. Customers purchasing shutters for their bedroom may choose the light-stoppers as it reduces light in the evenings and night-time.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

An alternative option for your home is installing Wooden Venetian blinds; these are hardy and durable, and allow control over how much light is filtering into your space.

We hope that this article may have given you some insight into reducing light and sun-bleaching in your home.

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