Its Not Easy Being Green

For those who have been following us throughout lockdown, you will already know that Surrey Blinds and Shutters, along with our sister company Surrey Home and Gifts, have been paying a great deal of attention to evolving and developing our Environmental Management Systems. Not to mention ensuring that we, along with our suppliers, share the same vision: To provide high quality products and services that have been ethically and sustainably sourced.

Take a walk on the Wild Side 

As we move from in to Winter 2021 Surrey Blinds and Shutters are excited to announce the launch of the all new Arena: Wild Fabric range, coming to our showrooms this November 2021. This fantastic new range is packed full of bright, new and innovative options to suit all your window dressing needs. But what excites us most about this beautiful new range is the inclusion of a wide variety of fresh designs in 100% recycled fabrics! 

We are so excited to present this new selection to our customers. The Wild collection covers roller, vertical AND roman blinds along with a full range of stunning curtain fabrics. The Wild collection covers specifications from fire resistant to blackout, waterproof to wipe clean, solar reflective and absorbent. This stunning, ECO conscious range has truly impressed us. Far be it from the small selection of a handful plain fabrics made from partially recycled materials that we have seen in the past; the Wild range contains a beautiful array of patterns, colours and textures. Giving our Eco-conscious clients the range of options they truly deserve.

Sustainable Materials


Shutters are undoubtedly the superior window covering in most circumstances. This blind style offers such a wide range of options in design and functionality that it isn’t difficult to see why they’re so popular. However, Surrey Blinds and Shutters are proud to confirm that our Sark True Wood range is indeed made from Paulownia Wood as is the framework to our headliner Alderney range.

Paulownia wood, along with the forests from which this material is harvested are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified; meaning that you can rest assured that your beautiful new shutters have been ethically sourced from sustainable materials. Causing no deforestation nor depriving wildlife of their habitat.

Shutter Range

As for the Alderney? Well, alongside the sturdy true wood frame the Aderney boasts ABS slats painted and coated for water resistance. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is indeed a plastic, however unlike the PVC alternatives ABS is not only more durable it is created from recycled compounds and can be infinitely recycled after use. Of course, plastics are not biodegradeabe and thus cannot be returned to the earth. However, this compound can be repurposed, thus reducing the demand for further plastic production. 

Wood Venetians

Where shutters are not appropriate we find that a large number of our customers opt for a true wooden venetian. Paulownia is not generally used to make this style of blind but where we do not see Paulownia wood with this design, instead we see Basswood. The Sunwood True Wood Venetian range is 100% FSC accredited and 100% affordable.


Recently my colleague created a post detailing a few minor changes Surrey Blinds and Shutters have made to our services as we lift out of lockdown. Particularly in regards to the introduction of a callout charge for on-site consultations.

We came to realise during lockdown that our alternative methods to consultations were as effective for the broad majority of our clients as an onsite visit. As we still provide a free measuring service for all orders we found that the only significant difference was that we had noticeably reduced our carbon emissions and that our video consultations were a great option for our clients; particularly those with busy schedules, dependents, were yet to complete their builds and such like.

And so, as a measure of deterrence Surrey Blinds has placed a minimal charge against on-site consultations, instead working tirelessly to offer the same great standard of products and services while drastically reforming our impact on the local environment. 

Of this £39 charge, £35 is deducted from your order total. Whereas the extra £4 goes towards paying back for the carbon footprint left behind by services of this type with trees planted in UK soil. 

Zoom Consultations

Looking forward to a brighter future

At Surrey Blinds and Shutters we know there is still a long way to go and a lot of work to do before mankind can stall, let alone repair the damage being done to this beautiful planet. But we have made it our mission to not only meet the government’s expectations of being emissions free by 2055 but to beat it by whatever margin we can. From our in house product designs to the suppliers and manufacturers we affiliate with, all the way to our fitters installing your beautiful new blinds, our aim is to ensure this planet, the home we all share, is a place we want to open the blinds to every morning.

We hope you have enjoyed our ECO Friendly SBS blog, and rest assured that we will continue to make strides towards a brighter future, every day. 

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