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Surrey Blinds and Shutters are dedicated to providing only the highest quality products and services available to us. Therefore, from build through to installation we take the utmost care to ensure your shutters are of the quality and standard we expect. Not only do we want the shutters we provide to look good, we want them to outlast their guarantee for years and years to come. 

We pay a thought to the environment when selecting the ranges we provide. With this in mind, all wood used in our shutters is responsibly sourced, and built using tried and tested methods recognised throughout the industry and by our governing body: The BBSA. 

The shutters are then painted with an environmentally friendly, water based NC (Nitro Cellulose) paint. This paint contains a UV protectant, which helps to shield from sun damage and resist the colour changes that occur from UV exposure, keeping the shutters looking great for years.

When we install our Shutters we always send a highly trained installer to ensure the doors and frames are set up correctly and that they are finished properly with any caulking or trims required. Where possible we will book the same fitter to perform both your measure and installation, however this is not always possible due to conflicting schedules. 

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