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Painted or Stained

Painted Shutters

When Painted, all our shutters recieve a tough PU (Plyurethane) primer, this is followed with a coat of white gesso to smoothe the surface and prepare it for the paint. The top coats of water based NC (Nitro Cellulose) paint are then sprayed on to create the silky smooth finished look. 

The NC paint has an additional UV protective element, which reduces the effects of UV damage, keeping the shutters looking great for years!

Stained Shutters 

Our stained shutters come in a variety of colours, chosen to enhance the natural look of the grain. The stains are carefully hand applied to ensure even finish, then sealed with a clear coat for durability.

As with the painted shutters the stained finishes are specially formulated to make them less susceptible to fading and yellowing over time.

To find out more about the shutters we offer please book a consultation with one of our knowlegable advisors.

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