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Sometimes it is difficult to know which style of shutters would work best in your own situation. On the following pages are some more common examples we have come across and the shutters we would recommend in these situations.

The options provided are just the ones most suitable in a majority of cases so may differ from window to window.

For Bathrooms

Shutters in a bathroom can be either full height, or cafe style depending on the privacy you require for your window facing. Not to mention, the use of shutters provides a clean and tidy aesthetic that will beautifully finish your Bathroom Decor. Bring your bathroom shutters in line with the rest of the house without the worry of moisture warp or damage!

For Bedrooms

Shutters make a bedroom feel warmer, keep the room darker and offer excellent privacy. If light darkening is important then you may wish to consider a wider louvre. This will give less areas for light to creep in, keeping the room darker. Not to mention acting as a thermal barrier, keeping your bedroom cool in the warmer months and retaining heat in winter. 

For Kitchens

For Shutters in a Kitchen an important consideration is how much steam is produced and where. Many people choose to put Cafe Style Shutters in their kitchens to give a clear combination of privacy and light meanwhile opting for waterproofed materials is often the case to maintain the structural integrity of your shutter. 

Bay Windows

Bay windows often appear at the front of the house and so both privacy and lighting is of utmost concern. Which shutter style is right for you will depend on these factors but also the type of bay and its recess will impact the viability of some styles over others. To learn more about your particular type of bay window click on the link provided. 


Bi-fold Tracked Shutters can be ideal for doorways and can be folded back when not in use. The shutter doors travel effortlessly along top and bottom tracks, allowing for even wide bi-fold doors to be covered.

To find out more about your own windows and the solutions we would recommend, please book a consultation with one of our expert team.

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Cafe Style Bathroom Plantation Shutter


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Bay Windows

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