Retro Fit Electric Roller Blind Motors.

Do you ever get fed up of opening and closing your Roller Blinds? Are you fed up of messy chains, and popping breakaparts? Then we have the answer, why not retrofit a Li-ion roller Blind Motor? That way you can oen and close them at the touch of a button. Even better, Connect them to your phone and smart speaker for the ultimate in ease of use. Read on to find out more!

Retro-Fit Electric Roller Motors

The Roller Blind Motors we can retro-fit come in 2 sizes. The 1200 motor can operate blinds up to 150cm wide. Whereas the 1800 motor can operate blinds upto 250cm wide.

Both types of motor are Li-ion rechargable battery operated. The motor and battery slip neatly inside the existing Roller Blind tube. Recharging is simple too, no need to remove the battery, simply charge whilst in situ. On average the blinds will require recharging every six months.

Operated via single or multi channel remote controls. Even link to a Smart Phone or Smart Speaker with the use of a Hub.

To find out more about Retro-fit Electric Rollers please contact us.