Our Updated Service in Brief :

  • Initial Consultations will be offered via Video Conferencing or Booking an appointment in one of our showrooms.
  • Complete survey will be performed by our colleagues in appropriate PPE and complying with social distancing once you have decided to proceed.
  • Our fitters will install your window coverings whilst complying with social distancing and wearing appropriate PPE.
  • They will demonstrate your blinds and then clean down where possible prior to leaving.
  • We strongly advise that you do not touch your blinds for 72 hours after installation to avoid any cross contamination.
  • We will send a survey to complete to ensure your satisfaction.

Surrey Blinds – The Future Post Lockdown

2020 has already been a rollercoaster of a year, but now we need to look at what the future holds for all of us.

With this in mind, we here at Surrey Blinds have been discussing how this looks for us and our customers. Social Distancing has become the go to word of the year and we need to be mindful of this in our approach.

The premise of Surrey Blinds has always been simple. Go out to the customers home to give an honest and informative consultation, then return to fit the blinds once made. However with Social Distancing now vital to protect both our customers and our team, we need to look at a new way to approach our offering.

More Information

Initial Consultation

First of all, we have updated our website. We have spent a huge amount of time putting images of our fabrics and colours on there. Along with properties of the particular item you are looking at, this is a valuable tool for research.

And we are going to embrace the exciting new technology that is emerging during this crisis. Video Conferencing!

You will now be able to book a Video Consultation online with one of our very knowledgeable advisors. At this consultation we will ask you to show us the windows and take some very basic measurements. This will help us to advise you. Our consultant will have access to all the fabrics and products that we supply. They will also be able to direct you to images and additional information on our website.

Once you have chosen your type of blind, fabric and colour, we will be able to give you an estimate. That’s the first part completed.

If you want to have a closer look at the fabric you have chosen, we can either arrange for a sample to be sent, or you can book an appointment at one of our showrooms. Please check on the website which are open as we are staggering the openings!

Due to social distancing we have to limit access to our showrooms to maximum 2 people from 1 household at any one time. And, for the foreseeable future, we have taken the very difficult decision that we cannot allow any children under 14 in the showroom area.

(Please Note: the onsite surveying and fitting services will take place once we enter the next phase of Lockdown. This is to ensure that we are complying fully with all government advice regarding non-essential workers, and that we can maintain a supply of PPE for our colleagues and customers protection.)

Window Survey

If you decide to proceed, then we will book for a survey to take place.

We will ask you questions to ensure that there is no-one with illness or in the NHS at risk group in residence at your property. This is to ensure that we are protecting all our customers as well as our colleagues.

During the appointment our colleague will take all appropriate measures, wearing PPE which includes masks and gloves. They will observe the correct social distancing measures, and ask that you do the same.


Once your beautiful new blinds are manufactured, we will arrange an installation. Of course our fitters have been kitted out with all the appropriate PPE and hand sanitiser. Again, we will ask you to keep social distancing measures, and any pets or children well away from the working area. You must clear all furniture and windowsills prior to installation as our fitters will not be able to do this.

Our fitters will then install your blinds. This will be done to our very high standards. You will then be invited to watch whilst the operation of the blind is demonstrated to you. Once the demonstration has been completed they will wipe the blind down with disinfectant where possible before departing. We very strongly advise that you do not touch the blinds for 72 hours after installation to ensure that any contamination is limited.

You may want to think how you would like our fitter to leave your blinds, for instance you may want a blackout blind in the bedroom to be left closed.

After Service

Once the installation is completed we will email you a short survey. We ask that you complete this as feedback is vital so we can continue to improve our offering. During this difficult time we are working very hard to safeguard both yourself, your family and our colleagues.

So, all in all quite a few changes. However, the things that are not changing are our great service, our expert advice, installation and 3 year guarantee on made to measure blinds and 5 year guarantee on shutters. These, most important things are staying the same!

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