Day and Night Blinds

Day and Night Blinds – what a fantastic idea! Blinds that maintain privacy, but let the light in during the day and darken the room at night. But, is there such a thing?

 Well, there are a couple of potential options to consider.

Zebra, Vision or Duo Roller Blinds

These are the name given for a specific type of Day Night blind. These Roller blinds have fabric with intermittent stripes. One of the stripes is a Voile type material and one is a denser stripe.

Duo Roller Blinds

The fabric ends attached to opposite sides of the roller tube means that as you roll the blind up and down the stripes are either in line or offset. When the stripes are in line the light passes through the Voile, and you can see out. However, when positioned out of sync the effect is more opaque.

Available in a range of colours and styles of fabrics, and as manual, chain operation or motorised, these blinds make a flexible window dressing.

Designed to be attractive to look at, the room darkening effect of this type of blind is not as good as a standard roller blind. This is due to the number of areas where the strips overlap allow light to seep in. However, as a privacy and light reducing option, this type of blind works very well.

Day to Night Pleated Blinds

Day to Night Pleated Blinds comprise of 2 tensioned pleated blinds connected together with a handle in the middle. One of the pleated fabrics is most often light diffusing, with the second fabric being a room darkening fabric.

The blind gives the ability to cover the window with either the light diffusing blind during the day, and then change to the room darkening blind at night without taking any more window space than a standard tensioned pleated blind.

The Day Night Pleated Blind can be mounted in a Perfect Fit Frame, making it suitable for most UPVc doors. Additionally it can be free hanging, utilising a Smart Cord operation.