Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters In A Bathroom

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There are several Shutter Styles available to suit your individual circumstances and requirements.

Full Height

Full Height Shutters appear clean and uncluttered appearance while providing a wide spectrum of options for light filtering, privacy and configuration through use of tilted slats.

With the addition of a Mid Break to your full height shutters, the top section of slats can be made to operate independently to the lower slats. This gives a wide array of options on lighting, privacy and aesthetic even when the doors remain closed.

Cafe Style

Cafe Style Shutters are ideal in areas that are not overlooked from above but require ground or equal level privacy. This style is also great for windows that catch neither morning nor evening sun; allowing as much light in to the room as possible while maintaining a visual barrier where it is needed most.

Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier Shutters are the hybrid design within the plantation shutter range. Comprising of two tiers of shutters, top and bottom. 

Open up the top doors and leave the bottom doors closed for privacy and receive the effect of a cafe style. Alternatively use both levels together as though they were traditional full height shutters with a fixed mid break.

Tracked Shutter Doors

Tracked Shutter Doors are an attractive, functional and easy to manage covering for your patio doors!

With tracked door shutters the door panels are suspended from a track at the top and set in to a guiding, weight bearing track on the floor. This system allows the shutters to glide into place smoothly and with total ease, all the while holding the weight of the shutter doors.

Bi Fold
These tracks allow the individual panels to fold back and in to the side of the recess.

Bi Pass
These tracks allow the panels to slide behind each other and is a great solution for wider openings.

Bay windows also have their own fitting style that can be adapted according to your home from the traditional 3 section splay bay to the multi segment bow bay.


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