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Plantation Shutters In A Bay

Often finding a good solution for bay windows is tricky, Shutters offer an excellent answer! The louvres enable light and privacy combinations, and they look amazing too. With a timeless look, which enhances most bay windows, Shutters are the choice of many!

Cafe Style Shutters

The Café style (sometimes referred to as half height shutters) look great on bay windows where low level privacy is necessary. The louvres can be closed completely, or tilted to help prevent passers-by from looking in.

Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters are also popular on Bay windows. With the use of a mid-break, the top section of louvres can be altered independently from the bottom section, giving even more flexibility for privacy and light.

Do Tier on Tier work in Bay Windows?

Tier on Tier Shutters have separate doors covering the top section and the bottom section. This style of shutters can look good on certain types of bay windows.  Our knowledgeable consultants can let you know if this style would work on your bay windows.

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