Trying to choose the best solution for your windows can be tough. But at Surrey Blinds and Shutters we are confident that plantation shutters are the best option for a wide range of spaces. So here we thought we would share a little more information. We’re sure you’ll agree that this style of window dressing is a great way to cover your windows while offering lots of practicality and style. 

Plantation shutters in a dining room

The Origin of Shutters

Shutters were first used 500 years ago in Tudor England.

Glass at that time was expensive and difficult to obtain and so  solid wooden boards would be used to cover the lower half of the window opening and opened to let in increased light and air when required.

They were later adopted in warmer climates in order to offer shading and keeping homes cooler. 

Plantation shutters Bi-fold doors in a living room

Adding Value To Your Home

Shutters are a beautifull addition to your home.

They have stunning looks and add great value as they give a quality feel when fitted correctly.

Thats why we use our own highly trained fitting team to ensure the result is a well fitted and looks superb.

They also have some features that enhance your home, making it a fantastic environment and saving money.

Bay Window Plantation Shutters in a bedroom

Flexibility & Light Control

Shutters offer amazing flexibility when it comes to controlling light.

You can alter the light entering your room by keeping the doors closed or alternatively open them fully and fold them out of the way.  

Also adjusting the slat positioning will  fine tune the light entering your room. 

You can have half height shutters (Cafe) Full Height Shutters with a mid break or two door sections (Tier on Tier) built in that can be controlled independently of each other. 

Heat sensor image of a house

Insulating From Heat Loss

Wood is an excellent insulator and is 1000 times more effective than aluminium.

That makes shutters great at keeping a room warmer in the winter months.

They will limit the heat losted from a room, particularly when the slats are closed.

This assists in decreasing the energy costs of your home.

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Plantation Shutters with open lourves

Shading & Solar Heat Gain

Plantation Shutters offer a flexible shading solution

This makes them and excellent choice when it comes to controlling heat gain in the summer.

You can adjust the slats to deflect the UV hight and heat whilst still opening the slats to allow ventilation.

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Couple trying to block out sound

Acoustic Noise Reduction

In the same way that wood is a good heat insulator it is also a great sound insulator.

When the doors and slats are closed thay will reduce the sound that gets though into the room.

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Shutter Styles

Bay Window plantation shutters

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters stretch all way from your sill to the ceiling or top of the window.

A mid break is a great idea to allow separate control of the upper set of slats from the bottom slats.

Bay window plantation shutters

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters are usually fitted to cover the lower section of the window.

This allows natural light into your room from above whilst maintaining privacy control of the lower section.

tier on tier plantation shutters in a bathroom

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters have an upper and lower set of doors.

This gives the flexability of opening the top section up completly to allow light to enter your room.

Alternatively they can be closed to give better room darkening when required,

Plantation shutters in a dining room

Bi Fold Tracked Shutters

Bi Fold Tracked Shutters give the option to have a row of panels in front of your patio doors.

When opened they can be folded back to the side of the recess leaving access to your patio doors.

They are a great option if you want to decease the heat lost through your glass in winter. 


MDF Shutters – Vazon

If you wish to keep the cost of your shutters down then MDF can be a great option.

MDF has the advantage of being more durable compared to wooden shutters that are softer.

This makes them a better option if they may get knocked in use.

They are available in a range of 9 painted colours.

ABS Slat Shutters – Alderney

Alderney Shutters are made of MDF frames and doors but with ABS Slats.

The ABS slats reduce the weight of the the shutter doors in comparison to MDF.

The slats have better splash proof qualities if they get a light sprinkling of rain through an open window.

They are available in a range of 23 painted colours.

Wooden Shutters – Fermain

The Fermain range is lighter than the MDF ranges allowing larger sizes to be manufactured.

Made from hardwood and finger jointed or laminated in manufacture to produce a strong wooden shutter.

They are available in a range of 23 painted colours.

Waterproof Shutters – Herm

The Herm range is a wooden shutter with an ABS coating.

This makes it water resistant and so ideal for Kitchens and Bathrooms.

They are available in a range of 23 painted colours.

Wooden Shutters – Sark

The Sark range is made of whole pieces of hardwood.

As there aren’t finger jointed they are available in a range of 22 stained finishes.

They are also available in a range of 23 painted colours.

Polyvinyl Shutters – Wisley

Our Wisley range is made from engineered polyvinyl.

This makes it an extremely durable option when it comes to knocks and moisture.

It is also made in the UK and available in half the time of our other shutter options.

Tilt Rods

Plantation shutters

Centre Tilt Rod

Centre Tilt Rods are the traditional finish for shutters where a rod runs vertically near the centre of the panel and is attached to each slat.

This allows the slats to be adjusted in unison.

Offset Tilt Rods are also available with the rod near the side of the panel near the Hinge.

Bay window plantation shutters

Concealed Tilt

The Concealed Tilt option has no bar between connected to the slats.

To allow the slats to be operated in unison a gearing mechanism is conceiled within the stile on one side.

This gives a cleaner more contemporary look to the shutters and can make them eaisier to clean.

Slat Sizes

63mm Slats

63mm Slats are the most popular and best choice on many occasions.

When fitted in bay windows thay allow the shutters to be nearer to your windows without hitting the handles. This improves the alighnment of the panels with the glass.

They are also a better option on short windows, to ensure a better alignment with a mid break or conceiled mid break.

76mm & 89mm Slats

Larger slats can give a cleaner look on taller panels as fewer slats are required.

They can also make it easier to clean the slats particularly when a concealed tilt operation is chosen.

When fitted in bay withdows or short recesses they will they are not always the best option as there is more variance in the alighnment of the doors and mid breaks.

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