Surrey Blinds and Shutters was established in 2009. Our philosophy has always been to offer honest advice. Supply a wide range of quality products. Install with our own team of expert fitters and offer excellent customer service. And this is something we have held at our core ever since.

What do we do differently to our National Competitors?

Everyone at Surrey Blinds is employed by Surrey Blinds. Many of our National competitors, Hillarys Blinds, for instance, self employ the majority of their consultants and fitters.

Why does that make a difference I hear you ask? Well, every member of our team is invested in upholding Surrey Blinds core ethics. We have regular training sessions which staff attend, to ensure their knowledge is kept up to date.

Surrey Blinds do not pay commission to any of our team.

We are part of an industry which has long had a reputation for pressure selling. This is something we are adamently apposed to. We work very hard to ensure that we as a company are not tarred with this same brush! We do this by making sure advice is given based on our customers individual needs, not selling the blind that offers the best deal for us.

Roman Blinds

From the beginning, we took the view that paying commission or paying our staff a percentage of the value they sell may encourage overselling, by selecting more expensive items to boost their sales value.

Instead of going down this route, we pay all our team well and offer a bonus structure based on customer feedback and general conduct.

If all your co-workers are self employed then there may be more of a dog-eat-dog situation. Especially if your income relies on amount you sell!

Bathroom Plantation Shutters Full Height

We always offer honest advice.

This may seem a strange thing to say, however there have been countless occasions when I, myself, have directed a customer towards a more cost effective solution. Especially if it will do everything they are after without compromising the look they want! Our Faux Wooden Venetian Blinds are a fantastic example of this!

All at Surrey Blinds know that Good training and knowledge of the products is vital to be able to offer this kind of advice!

We are a Small Team

We all chat, like each other, get on very well and enjoy working for Surrey Blinds and Shutters!

As a consultant I don’t want to put my fitter in a difficult position because I have mis-sold. And I know our fitters will be able to pick up the phone to ask any questions if an installation is at all tricky.

Pre Covid we often teamed up – a consultant with a fitter for a day so they could experience the fitting side. Or a fitter with a consultant so they could see the consultation process.

Learning how to fit blinds is vital when advising the best types for certain recesses, so these on the job training days will be coming back once Covid risks subside!

Walton upon Thames Showroom

We are not tied to any one manufacturer for our blinds and shutters.

This means that we have a massive range and can offer the best prices, without compromising on quality! It also means we can withdraw products from sale if the quality drops, ensuring satisfaction for our customers.

Our Amazing Guarantee.

After we had been trading for several years, we decided that our products were such good quality that we should extend our Guarantee. One year is typical in our industry, however we wanted to offer more. Therefore our core blinds and curtains come with a 3 year guarantee and all our shutters a massive 10 year guarantee!

3 Year Guarantee

If you have read to the end of this, well done! I am not saying that all reps from national blind companies are cut-throat, or out to get you! However when you choose Surrey Blinds I can assure you that every person you deal with will treat you with respect, offer you honest advice and will Never, Ever pressurise you to proceed!