eve.motion electric roller blinds

Eve.motion Electric Roller Blinds have Arrived!

Eve.motion is a brand new way to operate your Roller Blinds remotely via an app. Compatible with Apple HomeKit Technology, eve.motion uses Bluetooth or Thread to connect the motor to the handset, eliminating the need for a bridge. 

As Thread os the pillar of the new Matter Standard, the eve.motion motors are future proof too. 

Three ways to operate the blind

Easy to use 

Eve.motion blinds can be operated in 3 different ways.

Via Remote Control.

The traditional operation for an electric blind is via a Remote Control, and the eve.motion blinds are no different. Suppled with a 15 Chanel remote control, one handset can operate multiple blinds for ease of use.

Via Pull Cord.

Eve.motion blinds are supplied with a simple pull cord and chain. A quick tug on the cord will lower or raise the blind automatically, a second tug will stop the blind at any given position.

Via QR Code Scan.

The toggle on the end of the pull cord houses a QR Code. Simply scan the code using your Apple iPhone or iPad and connect the blind to your Apple HomeKit. The blind can then be operated via the simple app. 

The eve.motion app allows you to set routines and put your blinds into autopilot, to raise and lower at times to suit you.

Bluetooth and Thread technology. Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Wide Choice of Fabrics. 

eve.motion electric Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of patterns, colours and textures, ensuring there is something for everyone. 

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