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Motorised Blinds and Hubs

We stock a wide range of Motorised Blind options along with appropriate HUB options. Which is fantastic, because these are becoming much more popular. The convenience and ease of use make them the ideal choice in many homes.

Motorisation is a fantastic option when children are around as it removes the need for any potentially hazardous cords making them 100% Child Safe.

In addition, with the use of hubs, you can control your blinds from an App on your phone. This convenient method of operation means you can pop your blind up and down even when you are out and about! SMART units can also be controlled by Alexa, Google Home or by a Timer.

All our motors are powered by either rechargeable batteries or mains electricity depending on the size and your requirements.

We have a number of motorised blinds in our showrooms and can give you expert advice to identify the best solution for your individual needs.

Motorise Your Existing Roller Blinds

We now offer a service to motorise your existing Roller Blinds (width and drop dependent) For more information click here

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