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Includes Motorisation (6th February 2022 to 5th March 2022)

Motorised Roman Blinds

Motorised Roman blinds are ideal for inaccessible areas and where children have access as they have no unsafe cords or chains with loops.

With a wide range of fabrics available, motorisation adds the last touch of luxury to these classy blinds!

Operated by remote control makes operation a breeze, and with a multi channel remote several blinds can be operated at once.

Motorised Roman Blinds are powered by either Li-ion rechargeable batteries or mains powered using a standard 3-pin plug depending on the size and positioning of the blind.

Please book a free, no obligation quotation with one of our knowlegable staff for further information.


Come and see them demonstrated in our showroom.

At Surrey Blinds and Shutters we offer FREE, No-obligation consultations to ensure you are fully informed and aware of the options available for your needs. In terms of motorised blinds this will be inclusive of guidance on whether Li-Ion Rechargeable Motors or Plug in, Mains Powered Motors are best for you. In addition we will provide remote controls with either a solo channel or multiple channels; to operate multiple blinds independently of one another (or together) as you so wish. 

Our customers will also be excited to know that most of our Roller Blind Motors have the option of compatible hubs allowing you to operate your blinds using your mobile phone (via app) or a Smart Speaker. 

Please book a free, no obligation quotation with one of our knowledgeable staff for further information.

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