SMART Connexoon Hub

Manage the ambience of your home throughout the day, every day wether you are at home or away. The Connexoon Smart Hub is the innovative, user friendly hub for your Electric Blinds. Using the Connexoon you can pre-program or control your Blinds via the app. Ensuring your home is maximised for comfort and convenience all year round. At Surrey Blinds and Shutters we have a wide range of blinds that work with the SMART Connexoon Hub from Somfy, including several of our most popular styles.

Connexoon SMART Hub

The Connexoon control unit connects to your Wi Fi to receive commands from your input device and then sends these commands to your electric smart blinds. This allows up to 30 blinds to be controlled using the following:

  • 2 Different Mobile Apps
  • Remote Control
  • Wall Switch

The Connexoon works with the following blind choices:

Control your Blinds Via Mobile Phone

The Mobile Apps allows you to operate blinds individually as well as groups in a specific scenario, such as all the blinds downstairs.

The Connexoon can also be set to control your blinds according to temperature, for example it can adjust the blinds when the temperature reaches 21 degrees.

The timer function on the app can be used to program in certain times to operate your individual blinds or scenario.

Up to 50 Philips Hue lights or Somfy Plug Sockets can also be controlled along with your blinds.

The Connexoon Access App also has geo-location that can be set to adjust your blinds and lighting when you arrive home.

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