Motorised Wooden Venetians

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Includes Motorisation (3rd October to 6th November)

Motorised Wood Venetian Blinds

Our Motorised Wooden Venetians are a great choice in inaccessible areas or areas where child safety is imperative.

These 50mm venetians have a rich natural grain providing a warm natural feel.

They are great for absorbing the heat from the sun throughout the day as wood is a natural insulator and can be set up with an automatic sensor to adjust during the day.

They are operated by remote control and are mains powered, the remote operates the tilt of the slats as well as the raise & lowering of the blind on selected ranges.

Somfy Situo 5 Remote Control with Slat Angle Scroll Wheel

Somfy Remote Control

We can advise on the best options for your needs from Rechargeable Motors to Mains Powered and we supply motors suitable for the following SMART Hubs:

  • Somfy Connexoon
  • Somfy Tahoma

If you have an existing SMART Hub or are looking for a system for your home we can offer you independent advice depending on your requirements.

Motorised Faux Wooden Venetian Blinds

In addition to our Motorised Wooden Venetian Blinds, we now offer Motorised Faux Wood Venetians! These hugely popular blinds are available in a fantastic range of natural colours and textures. When motorised the remote control operates the tilt of the blinds only. Raise and lower is achieved using a cord.

However the tilt only feature can be very useful on a landing window  or where acessability to the tilt cords is not easy!

Come and see them demonstrated in one of our showrooms.

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Motorised Wooden Venetians

by | Jul 17, 2014