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Pleated Blind Types & Options

There is quite a range of Pleated Blind types available to cover a wide range of needs. To help you navigate through the many choices we have provided a little extra information on these below. 

Tensioned Pleated Blinds

Ideal for fitting close to the window, Tensioned Pleated Blinds give a clean, uncluttered look.

They have no operation cords and are child safe, they also keep your window sills clear.

Free Hanging Pleated Blinds

Typically filling most of the recess they offer better Room Darkening as well as improved Heat & Sound Insulation.

They are though operated with a raise and lower cord and so require a safery cleat to be fitted.

Smartrise Pleated Blinds

Smartrise pleated blinds are usually mounted within the recess and the bottom bar is raised and lowered by hand to the position required. They also have no operation cords and so are child safe.

Motorised Pleated Blinds

Motorised Pleated Blinds are now available that are operated by remote control.

Home Hubs can also be added to allow the blinds to be operated by a voice assistant, such as Alexa, or alternatively through an a mobile phone app.

Some of the hubs also have options to set the blinds on a timer to raise and lower then at certain times of the day, such as sunrise.

Solar Reflective Fabrics

We have a number of fabrics with a Solar Reflective Coating.

These reflect back out the room some of the heat from the sun to limit the temperature in the room.

Duette Pleated Fabrics

Duette pleats are like a series of honeycombe cells running up the fabric.

This makes Duette the ideal choice for room darkening as the cords run within the cell structure and there ore no holes.

Due to their cellular properties they are also ideal for reducing heat loss in winter.

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