The clocks going forward in Spring heralds the start of longer, brighter, warmer days. Unfortunately it also makes the early mornings lighter. Meaning children (and adults) awakened earlier by sun streaming in! That’s where we can help, with the use of well fitted, quality blinds at the window!

Some blinds are better than others for reducing light levels in rooms.

Roller Blinds inside a Recess

Roller Blinds 

With a huge range of colours and patterns available, Roller Blinds are an excellent cover for windows. When choosing Roller Blinds as a solution for blocking the light certain factors should be taken into account.  

  1. Choose a fabric which is classed as Blackout. The fabric itself will block light effectively and darken the room.
  2. Choose where to fit the Roller Blind 
    • inside the recess (close to the windows) is a popular choice. However when fitting in this position there will naturally be a gap between the edge of the fabric and the edge of the recess where light will penetrate.
    • Outside the recess. Fitting a Roller blind with an overlap covering the entire windows appature will further reduce light penetration. However fitting in this position does not always look as neat as when installed inside the recess

3.Use a pelmet to cover the roller tube and reduce light penetration at the top of the blind

        Roller Blinds with Pelmets

        Roman Blinds 

        Roman Blinds with a Blackout Lining make effective Room Darkening Blinds. Unlike with Roller Blinds, fitting a Roman Blind inside the recess (close to the window) works really well to reduce light. Installation outside the recess, however, enables the blind to be pulled clear of the glass during the day, maximising the light. 

        Roman Blind outside recess


        Fitting curtains with a Blackout Lining to a slim track, especially if the track is fitted to the ceiling and the curtains are floor length, can be an excellent solution. In addition to giving a luxury, hotel look to the windows, the curtains will also help reduce solar gain in the Summer and heat loos during the cold winter months.


        Shutters will reduce the light, and are an excellent solution where privacy is also a consideration. Do bear in mind, however, that light will ‘glow’ where the louvres close and around the edges of the door. This can be further reduced by fitting a Roller Blind, or a Pleated Blind behind the shutter if you have space. I often suggest fitting the shutter a little further forward in the recess to allow for a secondary blind to be fitted behind should it become necessary.


        As with all light reducing solutions, layering will only improve the darkening effect. Using a Roller Blind or a Roman Blind inside the Recess, with Curtains fitted outside the recess will further reduce solar gain. 

        Although I cannot guarantee these solutions will keep your Children asleep for longer, or stop you being woken in the morning with the Sun, I hope they will help!