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Wood Venetian Blinds

We have a wide range of different wooden venetian ranges to suit your needs.

Real Wooden Venetians

Wooden Venetians are available in 2 main types.

Pre manufactured ranges are more cost effective, however still have a high quality finish.

They are produced in over 60 different sizes and then trimmed to fit your window recess.

Custom ranges are completely bespoke, and so are tailor made for your windows.

This gives them a superb look when fitted in your home.

They give greater flexability in their production, and so certain additional options can be altered during the manufacture process.

Faux Wooden Venetians

Faux Wooden Venetians have imitation wooden slats made from a polyvinyl material.

This makes the slats impervious to moisture and so suited for areas of increased moisture such as Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Motorised Wooden Venetians

Some of our Venetian Blinds can also be Motorised.

There are a range of options including tilt adjustment options that run with a rechargeable battery.

Raise and lower options are also available on a limited number of blinds however we would always recommend that these are mains powered.

This is due to the weight of the slats when lifted.

White Wooden Venetian Blinds with Tapes

Popular Coloured Slats

Are Wooden Venetian Blinds are available in a range of Wood Shades as well as a number of popular colours.

White Wooden Venetians have always been popular as well as Off Whites and Creams, although our Grey Options are growing in popularity.

Perfect Fit Wood

Perfect Fit Wood Blinds fit close to the glass and are secured using brakets that slot behind the rubbers on UPVc windows. Available in a range of 25mm Wood Slats, these blinds create a seamless look at the window.

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