What are the Pro’s and Cons of Different Shutter Materials?

What are the pro’s and con’s of different Shutter Materials is a question I am asked alot. Especially regarding the difference between MDF and Wood Shutters.

Over the past few years Shutters have become increasingly popular. The ability to have privacy and still allow natural light into the room gives greater flexibility.

There are a few different materials that shutters are made from. I have put together a brief description of each help you see what the differences are between the materials.

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MDF or LDF – Medium Density Fibreboard or Low Density Fibreboard Shutters

Both MDF and LDF are made from wood shavings and particles bound by a wax and resin binder and pressed to compact. The process results in a dense, smooth, cost effective product. Easy to paint and finish resulting in a hardwearing, long lasting Shutter. 

The downside of using MDF or LDF is the weight. The dense structure and a high resin content makes these Shutters some of the heaviest we have. 

Our MDF shutter is called the Vazon.

Tier On Tier Bathroom Plantation Shutters

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) –  PV Shutters

ABS is a thermoplastic polymer. Easily moulded, it makes a robust shutter. Naturally Waterproof, means Shutters made from ABS are ideal in Bathrooms and Kitchens. Again the ABS is a heavier solid product creating a heavier Shutter.

Our ABS Shutter is called the Herm.

Kitchen Cafe Style Shutters

Engineered Wood Shutters

Our Engineered Wood Shutters are created from larger pieces and blocks of wood. These are joined together using a finger Joining Technique to create strong bonds.

The process of using smaller pieces that would otherwise be discarded reduces wastage. Additionally it creates Wood shutters at a more cost effective price than Solid Wood Shutters.

The downside of creating Shutters using this method is that they cannot be Stained. These Shutters are restricted to a painted finish only.

Our Engineered Wooden Shutters are called Fermain

Full Height Wooden Shutters

Solid Wood Shutters

Solid Wood Shutters are made from Super Light Hardwoods such as Basswood or Paulonia. The woods used are typically fast growing and have straight, relatively knot free growth. With attractive grains, Solid Wood Shutters look amazing when finished with a Stain. Although they can, of course also be painted.

Solid Wood Shutters are at the most expensive end of Shutters, however their natural beauty is a huge selling point.

Our Solid Wood Shutters are the Sark, the Pembroke and the Jerbourg Ranges

Quick Reference Chart

ShutterLightweightWaterproofFull HeightCafeTier on TierTracked10 Year Guarantee PaintedStained


ABSxnot recommended x
Engineered Woodxx
Solid Woodx


I hope that this has helped a little, however, for experert advice and further information please contact us, or book a consultation. We are happy to help!