Complementary Temporary Blinds for Shutter Customers

Complementary Temporary Blinds for Our Shutter Customers

We at Surrey Blinds are always looking for ways to make our customers lives just a little bit easier and with this in mind we are offering Complementary Temporary Blinds to our Shutter Customers. This will ensure there is a  covering at the window whilst waiting for the shutters to be installed.

Shutters typically have a longer lead time as the majority of them are made in China with a lengthy transportation time, therefore windows can be left uncovered for several months. Which is why we have decided to offer a Temporary solution for privacy during this time.

What are Temporary Blinds

What are Temporary Blinds?

Temporary Blinds are tough paper blinds which are stuck in place using a Powerstrip Tape, which can be removed cleanly by our Fitters when we install the Shutters.

How do Temporary Blinds Work?

How do you Use Temporary Blinds 

Once in place the blind will cover the drop of the window. To raise the blind, simply pleat it up and secure in place using the supplied clips. This is a simple but effective mechanism.

Our Complementary Temporary Blinds come in 2 colours Black dim-out blinds for the bedroom and White Light Diffusing for the main living areas.

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