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Roller Blinds Ranges, Types & Options

Roller Blinds are stylish and practical, with wide ranges of style and functionality options to suit every room in the home.

There are many types that give more variety than any other type of blind, just match the model required to your needs.

Traditional Rollers

We have a large number of fabric books available for Rollers.

As we are independent and not tied to one manufacturer we can supply a much greater range of colours and patterns.

Room Darkening Fabrics will not not allow light through the fabric and so reducing the light in the room.

Solar Reflective Fabrics are available that have a a coating on the back of the fabric to reflect some of the heat from the Summer Sun.

Waterproof Fabrics are a great option for Kitchens and Bathrooms. as the fabric is impervious to wate

Vision or Zebra Rollers

Vision Roller Blinds have 2 pieces of fabric with intermittent stripes, these are a great option when wishing to have the flexaibility of a voile during the day and then more privacy at night.

Tri Rollers

Tri Roller Blinds also have 2 pieces of fabric, however there is a dim out fabric connecting the front to the back. By adjusting the blind you can alter the light and privacy in the room in a similar way to Venetian Blinds.

Roller Blinds Operation & Safety

The standard operation is for the Roller Blind to be operated via a chain on one side of the blind.

This is due to Child Safety Regulations they are attached with a tensioner to your wall or window.

Break away safety beans are also available in place of the tensioner, however these are not suitable for heavier blinds as the safety mechanism may activate due to the weight.

 Crank Operated Rollers

We offer a range of Roller Blinds that can be operated with a hand crank in place of a chain.

These are completely Safe By Design and so are ideal for the nursery or for classrooms.

Motorised Rollers

We have a range of different Roller Blind Motorisation options depending on your need or the chosen fabric.

A number of the motors are also available with a smart Hub that can be controlled by a mobile phone app or home assistant such as Alexa.

Motorised Riller Blinds are also Safe by Design.

Roller Blind Pelmets

We also have a number of pelments available depending on you fabric choices, such as the Senses Cassette.

In addition to this the fascia can be lined with fabric to match your Roller Blind or left plain in a colour to match the frames of your widows or doors.

Above all when motorising a Roller Blind we would normally recommend they are mounted in a Cassette Pelmet to ensure it always runs evenly and smoothly.

Hypoallergenic Roller Blinds

With an increase in allergy sufferers we have a number of fabrics with a hypoallergenics coating. The coating makes it more difficult for allergens to cling to the fabric.


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