Motorised Blinds

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Includes Motorisation ( 8th May to 4th June 2022)

Motorised Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a popular blind option across all requirements and rooms due to the wide variety of colours and patterns available and the cost effectiveness of this particular style. 

Motorised Roller Blinds are particularly useful and appropriate anywhere in the house that does not have a high level of humidity or exposure to water such as a bathroom or wet room. 

Not to mention that due to this mode of function, Motorised Rollers are considered “safe by design” due to the lack of chain and pulley system and can be fully operated via remote control; giving full operational control over blinds even in hard to reach areas or places only accessible via ladder. 

We can now motorise all roller blind fabrics, giving you the absolute freedom of choice in terms of colour and design. In fact, the most difficult thing about this style of blinds is knowing which to choose between many favourites. 

At Surrey Blinds and Shutters we offer FREE, No-obligation consultations to ensure you are fully informed and aware of the options available for your needs. In terms of motorised blinds this will be inclusive of guidance on whether Li-Ion Rechargeable Motors or Plug in, Mains Powered Motors are best for you. In addition we will provide remote controls with either a solo channel or multiple channels; to operate multiple blinds independently of one another (or together) as you so wish. 

Our customers will also be excited to know that most of our Roller Blind Motors have the option of compatible hubs allowing you to operate your blinds using your mobile phone (via app) or a Smart Speaker. 

Please book a free, no obligation quotation with one of our knowledgeable staff for further information.

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Up to 25% Off Roller Blinds
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