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Tracked Door Shutters

Looking for a shutter for your patio doors? Tracked Door Shutters are the answer! With these shutters the door panels are suspended from a track at the top and run along a guiding track on the floor. These take the weight of the doors making opening and closing of the shutters a peice of cake!

There are 2 types of tracked shutters 

Bi Fold tracks allow the panels to fold back to the side of the recess. This is the most popular solution as the stack when the shutters are open is usually narrower than the Bi-Pass option.

Bi Pass tracks allow the panels to slide behind each other and is a great solution for wider openings.

Shutters add great value to your home if fitted correctly which is why we always send our own professional installers to every fit. We install all of our Shutters for FREE.

Please book a free, no obligation quotation with one of our knowlegable staff for further information.

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