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63mm Louvre Slats

63mm louvres are the most popular width amongst our customers. Due to the elliptical nature of the louvres the space between each slat is aproximatly 50mm which is not only complimentary to the wider majority of interior decor styles, it also allows for a substantial amount of light blocking. In addition to its room darkening effect, the 63mm louvre provides a high level of privacy at most tilt angles and looks equally good on tall full height shutters or shorter Cafe style shutters.

An important note is that 63mm louvres are the most suitable for bay windows. This is because your shutters can be fitted closer to any window handles, more tightly in to angled recesses and ultimately provide a more seamless look overall.

Centre Tilt Rod Plantation Shutter

The picture above gives an example of a 3-panel, full height, 63mm louvre shutter set with central tilt rod. 

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