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Bay Windows

Bay Windows are traditionally at the front of the house. The most common styles are known as splay bays and box bays.

Splay bays normally have 3 sides and around 135degree corner posts, giving them their distinct splayed look. Shutters work well in splay bays, especially utilising either 63mm or 76mm louvres and fitting them just in front of the window handles, to minimise the amount of frame and wood covering the glass.

Box Bays have 90degree corner posts, giving them a square look. Shutters look great in Box Bays, again, utilising the 63mm or 76mm louvres to enable the shutter to be fitted as closely to the window as possible and minimise frame over glass.

Don’t worry if your Bay window doesn’t look like either of these, shutters can be used in most bays and a consultation with one of our expert consultants will soon let you know what is possible.

It is usually important to use Shutters that give the ability to allow natural light in whist giving some privacy from outside.

We are happy to talk you through each option and discuss their suitability for your windows.

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