During the pandemic it has been increasingly difficult for everyone to work in the same space, which has often resulted in clumsy screens and difficult office spacing. 

We have installed a clear motorized blind or “Covid-19 Workplace Screen” in our office, and gotten rid of the screens and awkward layouts – and it’s changed the way we work!

Using our motorized blind mechanisms in this way has allowed us to add or remove screens as we see fit, which is particularly useful in a multi-purpose space such as ours! Motorized blinds are easy to operate, and come with a handy controller.

We have a large range of motorized blinds on Surrey Blinds & Shutters. To enquire about motorized blinds, whether it be for office or home, speak to one of our friendly sales consultants.

During the month of March, we are also pleased to offer off roller blinds! Take advantage of the savings and contact our team today!

Stay safe.