Hi All!

Well, here we are in Lockdown 2.0. The really great news is that this time around the Government has said that Tradespeople can enter your homes. And that means us!

Zoom Consultations

Zoom Consultations
Offering Zoom Consultations

For the last four months we have been offering Zoom consultations. These virtual consultations are a Completely Covid-Safe way to explore the options for your windows!

We are now well practiced with these. Able to explain carefully how you can take some basic measurements means we can offer a quotation. We are able to send out samples too (subject to availability) to allow you to make an informed choice. 

Remeasures and Installations

Our lovely team are used to wearing relevant PPE when conducting remeasures and installations, and they have got their clean-down procedure, for all their tools and equipment between calls, down to a T!

For your safety, we ask that you adhere to the following when we visit your home.

  • Prior to the visit, we will ask about the health of members of the household, and check that no-one has any Covid-19 symptoms

  • We ask that you leave all internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles

  • Please clear the area around the relevant windows, so we need to touch as few of your belongings as possible. This includes removal of any existing window coverings.

  • Please keep to the 2-metre social distancing protocol where possible.

 This is the same procedure we have been maintaining for the past four months, so no change there!

Beautiful Blinds

However, inevitably, there will be some changes.

Our lovely showrooms will be closed during this time. We are looking forwards to being able to reopen them and begin trading in December and welcome our customers back!

But, for now, rest assured that we are here and ready to help you with your window coverings! And we are committed to doing everything we can to keep you safe!

The Surrey Blinds Team x