In-Home Consultations – Why are these not free?

Here at Surrey Blinds and shutters we have been offering expert advice to our customers in Surrey since 2009. For many years this was via free, no-obligation home consultations.

Farnham Consultation Suite

Then we entered 2020. With the severe restrictions put in place we, like many others, changed our approach, offering virtual consultations via Zoom.

As restrictions eased, we opened our Farnham and Wokingham showrooms, giving our customers a choice of locations to view blinds and fabrics.

These convenient options have been embraced by many of our customers. However, we are aware that an in-home consultation may be the only option for some of our customers who do not have access to the internet and cannot attend a showroom appointment.

So Why Do We Charge for Our In-Home Consultations?

Environmental Factors

2020 Brought massive changes, mostly unpleasant, however the one good thing was less traffic on the roads, less aircraft in the sky. A cleaner brighter atmosphere and less pollution! Less in-home visits mean we are reducing the pollution caused by excessive use of our vehicles. Meanwhile, we make a small charge to offset the impact of these issues. 

Health Factors

Another aspect the 2020 pandemic showed was how quickly virus can spread. Reducing the number of in-home visits drastically reduces the chances of catching or inadvertently spreading a virus, however careful we are!

What Do We Do With The Charge?

Our £19.99 charge is there to encourage use of the Free options we offer, to reduce our carbon footprint.

If you still want an in-home consultation and proceed with an order £15 of your consultation charge will be offset against the cost of your beautiful blinds. The remaining £4.99 will be donated to planting trees in the UK to help offset the carbon emissions created for our visit.

We know Surrey is a stunning County, full of vibrant colour and bountiful nature. And we want to ensure that this is the same for generations to come.