Thermal Blinds – Keeping the Warmth in during Colder Months and Reducing Solar Gain during the Summer.

I often get asked about Thermal Blinds, especially when the weather turns colder. Keeping the warmth in, instead of letting it escape out through the windows is so important during winter. And the good news is, we can help! We have a wide range of window coverings which will help with improve the heat loss or gain through windows.

Room Da

Roller Blinds 

When pulled down, Roller Blinds create a barrier between the room and the glass of the window. This creates an air gap, which in turn improves thermal insulation. However some fabrics create a better barrier than others. 

Thicker fabrics such as ones with a Blackout or dim-out backings work very well, especially with Solar Gain.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds with a lining also make excellent Thermal Blinds. Again the addition of the lining adds another layer which subsequently improves the thermal properties. With some of our Roman Blinds it is possible to add a thermal interlining for added heat loss protection. 

Roman Blinds


With a full frame and thick louvres, Shutters make excellent insulators. Especially the wood shutters. Wood is a fantastic natural insulator for both heat and noise, however, even Polyvinyl or MDF Shutters will work well too.

Pleated Blinds 

Cellular Pleated Blinds are also excellent for keeping the heat in! The honeycomb finish helps to trap air, helping to prevent the heat loss.

The great thing with Pleated Blinds is they can be mounted to Bi-folding doors where there is a wide expanse of glass.

Pleated Blinds on Bi-fold doors

There are many more types, please contact us for more information. Do bear in mind that these Blinds only offer Thermal Insulation whilst they are down, covering the window!

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