Choosing A Wood Venetian Blind

White is the most popular colour as it reflects more light into the room.

Wood Stains give a beautiful warm texture to your windows.

Dark colours absorb more light at the window and so can tone down a strong south facing window.

Wood is a fantastic insulator, 1000x better than an Aluminium.

Some Things To Be Aware Of

When raised the stack of slats is more obvious with smaller slat sizes, that can be an issue with doors.

Wooden Venetians are made up of whole slats and so the last slat at the bottom may be at a different angle.

Wood is a natural product and some variation in shade and colour is to be expected as is minor twist and warp.

The stability of wood decreases if it absorbs moisture and so it is not recommended for areas subject to moisture.

Slats are different densities and so when pulled up the slats will not be perfectly uniform.

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