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Beautifully Tailored Window Coverings

Hypo-allergenic Blinds

Which are the best blinds to choose if you have an allergy?

There are many types of window dressings which have Hypo-allergenic properties or are easy to keep clean and hygienic. My top 3 types are:



Shutters are easily cleaned and can even be wiped down using a damp cloth

Shutters are really easy to clean and keep free from dust. They can even be wiped down with a damp cloth (just follow with a dry cloth for a streak free finish). This makes them an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from dust allergies or for putting anywhere which requires an Anti-bacterial blind.

Roller Blinds


Anti-microbial Copper Operating Chains are ideal for health care environments

There are hundreds of roller blind fabrics which are treated with chemical coatings to make them Hypo-allergenic and guard against certain strains of bacteria. At Surrey Blinds we have a huge range of fabrics which have been treated in this way, including many colours and patterns so they don’t have to be boring. Using an Anti Microbial Copper Operating Chain in a Silver or Gold coloured finish gives additional protection where needed. Roller Blinds are ideal in health care environments as well as in kitchens and bathrooms, where cleanliness is vital.

Privacy Wooden Venetian Blinds


Some Wood Venetian Blinds can be treated with a Hyginilac Coating

Wooden Venetian blinds can be treated with a Hyginilac Wood Lacquer coating which kills off bacteria for 10 years, making the blinds ideal for anyone who suffers from an allergy.


Reducing Noise Levels with Blinds

Are there any blinds that will help reduce noise levels?

I get asked this question often and the good news is, yes there are several very effective solutions which can really help reduce noise levels and are really good heat insulators as well!

Some of the best solutions are as follows



Shutters are brilliant insulators of both heat and noise. Our Vazon, Alderney or Herm Ranges are the best as these shutters are made of much denser material than the others. Obviously though the noise reduction only works when the shutter slats are closed!

Honeycomb Pleated Blinds


Pleated blinds come in a wide range of colours and these blinds have a honeycomb structure which traps a layer of air between the pleats of the fabric. This means that the shape of the blinds absorbs sound making these a practical and stylish choice.

Curtains with Acoustic Interlining


Curtains with a special acoustic interlining can also be a good choice as the lining  absorbs the noise, so the fabric on the outside can be any from our huge range, giving a massive choice of colours, patterns and textures to choose from. You can also team the acoustic interlining with a blackout lining for the ultimate in darker and quieter bedrooms!

Wooden Venetian Blinds


These are the  most cost effective way of achieving some sound reduction although not as effective as some of our other blinds, wooden venetian blinds are a stylish addition to any window

With so many choices there is bound to be one which will help reduce noise pollution and help you achieve a quieter room

For more information visit our Noise Reduction Products Page





Bedroom Blinds

Bedroom Blinds

Patterned Blackout Roller Blinds In Bedroom

Blackout Roller Blinds work well in Bedrooms

Which blind will be best in my Bedroom?

This question is difficult to answer as it depends on what you are looking for in terms of light blocking.


Wood Venetian Blind In Bedroom

Wood Venetian Blinds offer privacy and shade

If the most important thing for you is privacy then venetian blinds or shutters may be the answer. These types of window coverings will not blackout when closed as light will seep in around the edges and between the slats. Even so the easy privacy afforded is making these increasingly popular in bedrooms.

Bedroom Blinds Product Pages »


Pattern Blackout Roman Blind In Bedroom

Having a window covering which blocks out almost all of the light is important for many people. The most cost effective solution for this is a roller blind.

There are many blackout roller blind fabrics to choose from which will darken a room effectively although it is important to remember that there will be light seepage around the edges of the blind and along the top. For even better blackout then consider using a roman blind with blackout lining or a honeycomb pleated blind as these will have much smaller gaps at the edges.

Curtains with blackout lining will also be very effective, although a Pinch Pleat heading will give better blackout than Eyelets as they can be fitted closer to the wall.

Of course if you would like Privacy and Blackout, this can be achieved with a combination of window dressings, and this layering  can also look very stylish and luxurious

Please remember though, there is no such thing as 100% blackout blinds, but using a combination of these window dressings then you can get fairly close!

Blackout Blinds Product Pages »

Blackout Curtains In A Bedroom

Design Guru x

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

What do you do if you have just had brand new UPVc windows and doors fitted and you does want holes drilled in them to fit blinds?

Perfect Fit blinds offer an ingenious solution to this problem, smart brackets slot in behind the rubbers on the window and then a clever frame clips to these brackets.

A choice of three types of blinds can then be attached to the frame, Roller Blinds, Aluminium Venetian Blinds and Pleated Blinds, and the huge choice of colours and fabrics available in these ranges give an almost infinite choice of designs for your windows.

As the blinds are secured next to the glass they move with the windows or doors, just imagine, no more need to pull the blind up every time you want to open a window or go out through the door, and no more messy blinds taking up space on the windowsills.

At Surrey Blinds, all of our Perfect Fit Blinds are completely child safe with any tensioning cords running down behind the frame well out of reach.

But, what if your windows are not white UPVc? The frames come in a number of different colours as well as wood effect finishes!

All in all Perfect Fit Blinds really are a Perfect Solution!

Design Guru x


Blinds and Child Safety

Blinds and Child Safety


The law regarding blinds and child safety is nearly 2 years old and here at Surrey Blinds we have really seen the changes that this has bought. Initially it felt like an uphill battle, trying to explain the changes to our customers, but we have seen a remarkable change over the last 18 months with so many more of our customers choosing child safe options.

Here are some of our favourite Child Safe window dressings


Child Safety Rating 10/10


These window dressings transform any window they are fitted in, we have seen a huge increase in the number of people who are installing shutters and have literally hundreds of testimonials from customers saying how fantastic they look.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Child Safety Rating 10/10


Motorisation is really beginning to come into its own, we can now motorise Roman Blinds, Wood Venetian Blinds and Pleated Blinds as well as Roller Blinds.

The most popular of these is the roller blind. This is available as battery operated, rechargeable Battery operated as well as mains powered, and the technology is getting better and better. Come into our Guildford showroom to experience our super quiet Creation Baumman Roller Blinds range.
All of our motorised roller blinds come with sleek remote controls, and there is also the option of wireless wall mounted control panels, just to ensure you can’t lose the remote!

Vertical Blinds with Operating Wand

Child Safety Rating 10/10


All our vertical blinds now come with wand operation, instead of the traditional cord and chain, for Child Safety.

In addition to this our vertical slats all have a completely enclosed weight at the bottom, doing away with the stabilising chain which used to connect the slats at the bottom, this gives the Vertical Blind a sleeker and more modern look.
Altogether a super safe blind

Always looking to make blinds safer

Design Guru x

Bathroom Blinds

Bathroom Blinds

What are the Best Bathroom Blinds?

Which are the best blinds for bathrooms?

Roller Blinds are fantastic in Bathrooms

Bathrooms gets the most moisture from steam and splashing to condensation on the mirrors and windows. This moisture can cause potential damage to some types of window dressings.

There are some types of Blinds which can withstand this moisture, some of the best types are as follows;

Bathroom Blinds Window Coverings »


Shutters in a Bathroom

Vinyl Shutters work very well in moist conditions

Many people will be surprised to see Shutters on this list, however there are two shutter ranges which are designed specifically for bathrooms. The Surrey Shutter is an extremely well priced Poly Vinyl shutter. It is available in 3 louvre widths and 3 colours. However, if you need the colour to match with other shutters in your home, there is also the Herm shutter which is available in 5 louvre widths and 6 colours.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blind in Bathroom

Roller blinds are often used in bathrooms. The fabrics they are made from can be treated to make them as water resistant as possible. There is a huge selection ranging from moisture resistant to fully waterproof fabrics, in both plain colours and patterned.
As well as the fabrics it is very important that the roller blind tube, brackets and mechanism are also moisture resistant. All the roller blinds we supply have aluminium tubes, Powder coated metal brackets and nylon mechanisms which can withstand even the wettest of settings.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Wood in a Bathroom

Faux Wood Venetians look elegant in the Bathroom

If you love Wood Venetian Blinds, then a Faux Wood Venetian Blind is a fantastic option. These Poly Vinyl blinds will not warp or twist in moist conditions, unlike traditional wood venetian blinds.
Faux Wood Venetian Blinds are available in a number of different colour options as well as 2 slat widths 38mm and 50mm.

There are, of course, other types of blinds which can be used in Bathrooms . If you would like to book a consultation please give us a call

Kitchen Blinds

Kitchen Blinds

“Which are the best Blinds for your Kitchen?”

This is a question I am asked on a regular basis, and of course there are many different options.

Shutters in a Kitchen


Kitchens often don’t have a focal point, so using a bold decorative blind at the window can really transform the room.

This can give the area a new lease of life without the expense of changing the kitchen.

Roller Blinds


Decorative Roller Blinds can look fantastic in the kitchen

A blind which is easy to keep clean is the best idea in the kitchen. So a wipeable Roller blind is a great, cost effective solution.

Some fabrics are impregnated with a chemical which helps prevent cooking smells from clinging to the fabric. These blinds stay fresh and free from smells and are available in a wide choice of colours and patterns.

Venetian Blinds


Many people like venetian blinds which allow privacy as well as letting some light in.  Aluminium venetian blinds are the most cost effective of all the venetian blinds and come in a wide variety of colours. Be warned though, they can be a little difficult to keep clean due to the size of the slats.

Another popular blind for the kitchen is a Wooden Venetian, or, if you are concerned about moisture, a Faux Wood Venetian (this is made of a Poly Vinyl, so you can be assured it will not Warp). Wood and Faux Wood Venetian blinds also come in a variety of painted colours and stains, so can also be used to make a statement in the kitchen.



Shutters are becoming one of the most popular window covering solutions.

These can used to great effect in kitchens, again allowing Privacy and light. Shutters really easy to keep clean as the strong slats can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Shutters are available in a range of neutral colours, or, if you are feeling brave, you can have them painted in pretty much any colour you want!

There are, obviously, other blinds you can use and if you would like any further advice you can always book a consultation with one of our expert advisors.

Kitchen Blinds Product Pages »

Hope this helps

Design Guru x

The colours of the moment Soft Pastels

The colours of the moment Soft Pastels

Soft Pastels are the colours of the moment, whether in clothing or home decor.

Soft Pastels - The Colours Of The Moment

But how can you put together soft pastel colours without ending up with a sugary, syrupy over sweet look?

The answer is to blend using deep greys or primary colours as  contrast to the soft pastel shades.

If, for instance your walls are a pale pink, then a Dark Grey Roller, Roman or indeed a Grey painted Wood Venetian blind will lend a sophisticated finish to your room, and has the added advantage of blending with multiple colours, should you wish to redecorate your room.

A pale pistachio green roller blind goes very well in a grey and black tiled bathroom. Green is a very calming colour so will be ideal when relaxing in the bath, just remember to make sure the fabric is moisture resistant!

The Design Guru x

Cleaning Blinds and Shutters

Blind-CleaningCleaning Blinds

Cleaning blinds is one of the topics I am asked about frequently. As with most things in life, there are different rules for different types of blinds but as a guide here are my top tips …..

Shutters – Use an Ostrich Feather Duster once a week or once a fortnight to keep the dust levels down, the ostrich feathers are very fine and easily flick the dust from the shutters. Once in a while it is advisable to wipe shutters down with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth to keep them looking in top condition.

Wood and Aluminium Venetian Blinds – Again an Ostrich Feather Duster is the best way to keeping Wood Venetian Blinds clean, the fine feathers flick easily behind the cords – but it needs to be done on a regular basis to prevent the build up of dust.

Roller Blinds – Cleaning roller blinds depends on the fabric chosen, some can be dabbed with a damp cloth to remove stains – don’t scrub the fabric as this can break the fibres and leave them sticking out of the fabric which spoils the overall look. If you don’t know whether your fabric is suitable then check before you use this method.

Roman Blinds and Curtains – For a thorough clean these window coverings can usually only be dry cleaned, and I would also advise using a vaccume cleaner with a low suction setting to remove any surface dust.

Hope this helps!

Happy Cleaning

The Design Guru x