Surrey Blinds and Shutters are proud to supply Beautiful Products and Great Service all at a Reasonable Prices.

We are quite different from our competitors both on the high street and across the Internet ; offering many advantages that are not found elsewhere.


Our Guarantee

We offer a 5 year guarantee on our Plantation Shutters and a 3 year guarantee on all of our made to measure blinds and curtains.

5 Year Guarantee on Plantation Shutters

This fantastic guarantee has been built on the back of over 12 years of experience and careful selection of our product lines. Where we could offer cheaper ranges these products lack in quality, range of specifications and are undoubtedly less robust.

By removing these lines from our inventory we have been able to introduce the guarantee as part of our focus on improved reliability, quality and lifespan.

Our Products

We select all of our products carefully with several factors in mind. It’s important that every customer is delighted with their new window covering as well as the fitting.

We generally try several different types of the same blind to select the best options for our customers. After we have fitted a new product we review the fit with our team to ensure the quality of the blind and the fixings.

Our Manufacturers

We have many different manufacturers that make products for us.

Each supplier is chosen carefully to ensure we have a wide range of great quality products to offer our customers.

It is important to remember that no manufacturer is the best in the market for all of the products that they produce. That is why we only choose selected products from each.

We withdraw a product if there is a drop in the quality of the product or the backup service provided.

Our Consultation

This is where we are very different.

We DON’T pay commission.

We believe that if you pay someone commission, they may not operate in the best interest of the customer.

That is why our team is trained to understand your needs, and provide you with a suitable solution, even if it is the cheapest item we offer. If we can’t offer a solution we will recommend another company who can assist.

A great example of this is Velux. We don’t offer blinds for Velux windows, this is because they are not made to measure but manufactured to set sizes. We therefore recommend their website as the items on offer would be no different, but would be more costly through us.

Customers appreciate our honesty.

Pressure Free

We also operate a no pressure or obligation policy.

We ensure this is maintained by sending a survey to our customers afterwards to check they were not put under any pressure.

This gives our customers peace of mind. They know we will never visit the homes of their vulnerable relatives and take advantage.

We are also happy to send our quote to relatives so they can talk through the quotation with them prior to any decision.

This reassurance is the reason why we have many loyal customers that we have been providing service to for over 10 years.


We measure for all of the blinds and shutters we provide free of charge.

Free Measuring

Our team use lasers to measure, they are accurate to within 1.5mm in 50m. They are much more reliable than trying to balance a tape measure over a wide recess.

As well as measuring the width and drop or the recess we also take additional measurements such as the diagonals.

Our system compares all of our measurements in order to highlight any discrepancies or warns if a window is not quite square.

When this happens we discuss any adjustments with the customer to ensure they are fully informed and have the best fit possible.

Product Samples

We bring real samples of our products to consultation so we can show you how they look.

On many ranges we also have an app where we can take a picture of your window simulate the products in place.

Each member of the team also has an iPad with photos of our different fits.

Fitting Position

During a consultation we also discuss the positioning of the product.

This may vary depending on your needs or any specific requests, this alters the measurements required and is vital for a great fit.

We will also discuss the placement of any child safety device to ensure the blinds conform to child safety regulations.


We conduct weekly staff training with all of our field team and the colleagues in our showrooms.

This is vital to continually improve the fitting and quality of our service.

We discuss any changes to specifications, new products being introduced and also the measuring and fitting of our products.

This is also a great opportunity to allow the team to understand all aspects of our service and continually improve our quality.


We fit all of the blinds and shutters we provide free of charge.

Free Fitting

Our fitting team is directly employed by Surrey Blinds and we never sub contract fitting.

Our Senior Fitter previously worked in the ship building industry, finishing luxury yachts, and so has extensive carpentry skills.

This makes him ideal to lead and train the team.


We have been providing motorised blinds for over 8 years and offer solutions with different motorised SMART Hubs.

These allow operation through a mobile phone or a home voice assistant such as Alexa or Home Hub.

Our fitting team have been fully trained in the operation and set up of these products.

Motorised Remote Control


We have 2 showrooms in Surrey, they are located in Guildford and Farnham.

They are situated in the town centre for the convenience of our customers.

The showrooms are great places to see real blinds functioning. This is particularly important in the case of motorisation.

We also have an extensive range of fabric books to assist our customers in finding the perfect fabric.

Beautiful Products and Great Service at a Reasonable Price

Beautiful products and great service at a reasonable price has always been our aim.